Differentiated Supervision Committee


Group Norms

High functioning groups operate under an agreed-upon set of norms. Please look over these norms. Then go to the link on the right in the navigation bar called Group Norms, click on the edit button, and change and add to the norms based on your views of how our group should operate. Let's try to keep our norms focused to about five. BE SURE TO HIT THE SAVE BUTTON BEFORE YOU EXIT.


Here are the four articles that were given to you in preparation for our first meeting.


South Western's Differentiated Supervision Plan

Please go to the discussion tab and click on the discussion links to share your thoughts about the strengths and weaknesses of our current supervision plan. Think about the modes of supervision, our observation form, and other aspects of our supervision process that are important to you. Be sure to respond to the discussions about both the strengths and the weaknesses. Once you submit your response, it will be there for others to see.

Group Pages

Supervision Options

Observations Forms

New Teacher Supervision


Non Classroom Teacher Obs Form



HS Feedback

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Resources for 4/11


  • The book study guidelines are vague as far as what teachers are to turn in as documentation
    • Groups identify an area of focus and form study group. Topics or area of focus will relate to student achievement and district and/or building goals for the academic year.
    • Groups submit proposal to appropriate administrator.
    • Groups meet regularly (minimum of one time per marking period) to share findings and discuss focus area.
    • Each group member is responsible for facilitating or co-facilitating one session using a predetermined protocol and area of focus.
    • Group keep minutes for each session to be submitted with their final report and shared at the follow-up administrative meeting at the conclusion of the school year.
    • At the conclusion of the academic year, the group meets with their assigned administrator to share their experience and discuss the study group process, and reflect on the process.

  • The plan should have been more formally presented to administration and teachers
  • Electronic submission of goal forms should be done by building rather than by the district
    • See above. The form can be be submitted to the template gallery and each principal can download to their google docs to be sent to their building staff.
  • Need a spreadsheet for admin of who is doing what option
    • This would be solved with the electronic submission of forms.